`Respect Music to Celebrate Music’


It is not unknown that the world is running out of natural resources. We’re running out of fuels, metals, water & the ozone. Yes these are the basic necessities of life but you know what, we at artist aloud are more worried about the most essential natural resource being burnt out, that being MUSIC! Surprised we’re using the term `BURNT OUT’ here?

Yes, we mean it, Music globally be it independent or for film & theater could slowly burn out thanks to music piracy! This week, the world is supposed to be celebrating World Music Day and so are we but it’s important to look at some actual facts and celebrate the right way, which is to respect music and the musicians who put their heart & soul and more importantly their `MONEY’ so they can entertain us. Now here’s some actual data that might make you want to not download a song illegally

  • Each year, the world suffers around US$ 12.5 billion in economy losses due to music piracy
  • An average iPOD contains 800 $ worth of pirated music
  • 95 % of music download online is illegal

So if you think of it, who would actually be celebrating World Music Day? The Pirates isn’t it?

Today as people all over celebrate World Music Day, Artist Aloud says yes, celebrate Music but in the right way, i.e RESPECT MUSIC to CELEBRATE MUSIC. Vote this week for Independent music artists in the finale of the 3rd Annual Artist Aloud Awards & show your respect

Download music legally and support the musician

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  • Get music on Artist Aloud PC APP






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