Shiamak Davar’s Shabop is the new trend!

He is the man who showed India that emotions could be expressed beyond words. Shiamak Davar, the one who got contemporary jazz to the Indian dance arena is ready to explore yet another element in dance.Image

Known for his brilliant choreography even in Bollywood films like Dil Toh Pagal Hai, this dancing guru has ruled the hearts of audience and dancers alike. But he isn’t stopping at that. He is addicted to dance and with that note, plans to launch a new form of dance. Hip-hop has been trending on dance shows and is one of the most popular western dance forms that has been gaining momentum in India. But Shiamak plans to make it a little out-of the box as he plans to add on some of his own elements into this dance form. So claiming it to be one of his new inventions Shabop has set its foot in India. Knowing the popularity of Shiamak, we wouldn’t be surprised if the new generation is seen dancing to the tunes of Shabop in every nook and corner.

The choreographer also plans to bring back the pop culture with Shabop as he would love to revive some of his own songs through this dance form. An interesting thought we had say but we wonder which songs will now see the Shabop form of dance.

So are we ready to hit the dance floor now?

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