Amar Gopal Bose – Revolutionary in Sound Technology


While Indians were often under the belief that it is only a foreign land that could make effective electronics and automobiles, here is a man who redefined sound technology in India. Popular as a brand for the best sound gadgets like speakers and Bluetooth speakers, founder of Bose, Amar Gopal Bose passed away recently due to natural causes.


Born in 1930, in Philadelphia, Bose was always fascinated with electronics. While he migrated to Kolkatta, as a kid he tried to keep his interest even amidst acute poverty, he later got involved in making sound systems. He started off with high power amplifiers as Bose Corp’s first products in 1964 and now Bose subsidiaries and manufacturing units are found all over the globe. The Wave Music System remains to be one of his best products.

Bose also was a professor with MIT faculty for electrical engineering and computer science and taught acoustics to thesis students. He also had other hobbies like swimming and badminton.


While he was hailed for his intelligence and genius inventions, he was also treated with respect and honour as a human being. “Amar Bose was an exceptional human being and an extraordinarily gifted leader. This proud MIT graduate, professor and innovator was a true giant who over decades enriched the Institute he loved with his energy, dedication, motivation and wisdom. I have never known anyone like him. I will miss him. MIT will miss him. The world will miss him,” said MIT President L Rafael Reif.


World’s famous people and citizens from all over the world took on twitter after the death of this sound genius. “Sometimes you have to move backward to get a step forward – Amar Gopal Bose” tweeted popular producer Pritish Nandy and world’s most renowned host Oprah Winfrey.


Master of Quiz Siddharth Basu expressed his grievance over the loss of this genius by tweeting, “Amar Gopal Bose, pioneer of psychoaccoustics, and byword for excellence in sound systems, no more.”


Being an icon to many aspiring entrepreneurs and engineers, this man who revolutionized sound into smaller packages, will always be remembered for setting an example to those who believe that ‘dreams are meant to be seen with open eyes.’



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