Shwetha Subram joins hands with The Piano Guys for Khushnuma


Fusion – a blend of the east and west! It’s not just a word but an amalgamation of cultures and unites the diversified forms of art. Shwetha Subram who recently joined hands with The Piano Guys for Khushnuma is a perfect example of this.

Born in Dubai UAE, Shwetha who was always rooted to her culture, pursued Carnatic singing despite the fact that in the contemporary generation, kids have been switching to various forms of western music.  She gained popularity after she won North American Best Singer Award from the group which discovered some of the most prominent vocalists of India, such as Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and others.

While her career in singing had taken a leap after the victory, the singer had not just started launching her singles but also took up playback singing.  She even won Shankar Mahadevan’s global singing competition.

And now, she has collaborated with The Piano Guys for Khushnuma. Steve, one of the member of Piano Guys said, “Shweta immediately stood out to us – her smile was so genuine and contagious. She naturally emitted such amiability in her stage presence that we were drawn to her performance. Her voice effortlessly depicted an Indian classical vibe while still being completely accessible.”

At the same time Shwetha was thrilled to be a part of this, “The guys were easy going and open to experimenting with new ideas. We had a fantastic time recording the song and shooting the video – it felt more like a party than work. These guys are extremely talented and it’s an honour to be chosen for this project,” she said in an interview.

Khushnuma is an adaptation of ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ by Swedish House Mafia. Also the music created has been a blend of Indian traditional music and western beats.

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