The trending beats of Fusion


Artist Aloud is all about music! And when we celebrate the beauty of music, we cannot miss one of the most beautiful yet complicated genre of it – Fusion! The word Fusion was initially used for rock n roll which is a blend of blues, gospel and country music. But for us it is something drastically different! Fusion is a melodious mix of the east and west, an amalgamation of two varied genres and diverse cultures.

 Keeping this Fusion alive we have some unique talented artists who have not just been successful in creating a piece in Fusion but have gained accolades and appreciation from many music lovers!

 Suneeta Rao who became popular with numbers like Pari Hoon Main and Kesariya, recently released a single You Say You Love Me. While Kesariya had elements of Rajasthani folk, ‘You say you love me’ is inspired from the west. Following a similar trend, Rochana, professional Ghazal singer plans to create music that influences the youth and hence, she creates ghazals with a tinge of western beats, along with yet another musician Suresh. As of now they have three unique numbers to their credit.

 But are they the only ones courageous enough to create music in this genre? Ujjainee Roy who started her career by singing south tracks, today takes up this challenge and is ready to explore this genre in all ways possible. And that is not it! Shabda Hari Das aka Siddharth Rajsekar is an electronic music producer. Being a sound engineer, fusing genres was quite a cakewalk for him but music is not just about that! It’s about feeling it from the heart and the talented artist is able to touch the audience’s heart with numbers like Longing Vraja, Oceans of Mercy and many more.

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