Bands and Solo artists explore creativity with Fusion


Fusion is all about amalgamation! But within Fusion there are various ways an artist and a band create this genre of music. How they explore their creativity is completely upto them. Today we’ll look at how bands and artists become creative in their own way while creating Fusion!

Bands that play fusion music, from Parikrama to Indian Ocean, are popular and have gained a lot of momentum in the recent years. Playing varied instruments from the flute to the drums, the fused version of the east and the west turns out to be a splendid melody!

They have diverse elements from drummers to flute artists that they can experiment with. One can actually compare the music of Shanti and Sonu Kakkar. From Morning Chai to Dhalo, the band has experimented with varied instruments from the flute to the acoustic drums, bass guitar, and Goan percussion instrument Ghumat.

However, this creative freedom doesn’t stop the solo artists to find a similar group who can give perfect music to their well thought numbers.  Single artists like Shilpa Rao too stick to their crew when it comes to experimenting genres – from Challa to Ret Mein Sirkiye, she had an awesome band to support her but is that the case with all single vocalists who plan to venture into Fusion? Well may be, may be not!

While we explored one advantage of the bands, the single artists too have their way of freedom! Single artists can merge with different bands at different point of time and explore their compatibility with different groups. Like recently an Indian artist Shwetha Subram joined hands with The Piano Guys for her new single ‘Khushnuma’.

The two have their own benefits and what is important for them is to understand how they cash on it and seeing their growing popularity, we are quite sure that they are quite well versed with the tricks of this trade!

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