Changing trends of Pop music in India

‘Pop’ music that derives from the word ‘Popular’ is one of the most explored genres of music. From the biggest global icon Lady Gaga to small time musicians, Pop music seems to be one of world’s most favourite music genres.


Pop music set its foot in India in the 90s when Indian channels like Oxygen and ITV promoted these non- filmi songs on the basis of their fans’ request. Famous playback singers like Alisha Chinai, Shaan, Hariharan and many others have dipped their hands in this genre and have successfully gained stardom. Even a legend like Asha Bhosle tried her luck with this new trend of music, which in India is named as Indipop. Remember Raat Shabnami or Maeeri or Tanha Dil of the 90s?


Songs of those days, however, represented a kind of monotony in pop where only a few elements of this genre were explored. But with changing trends and the obvious influence of the west, pop music scenario in India has taken a drastic leap.


Today a lot of solo artists who like to keep music away from the mainstream Bollywood cinema have experimented with the genre of Pop adding the required desi touch to it.

Deane Sequeira, a star in the Hip Hop and RnB genre recently impressed the audience with the beats of her new song Only Mine. Pop music, with the flavour of rap which is  Deane’s forte surely makes it one that represents international standards. However, actress turned singer Suchitra Pillai’s Yaara has more of an Indian tinge to it. Following a similar trend is artist Raman Mahadevan’s Teri Talaash Hai which is soft and romantic. However, singer Nishant Mudgal who is also a Delhi pop singer likes to keep his numbers, lively and foot-tapping. 


Pop music as we see have different elements in it. Deane adds much more westernized elements like Hip Hop and Rap while Nishant Mudgal explores the peppy nature of Indian music. However, Suchitra and Raman prefer to keep the beautiful essence of true Indipop alive with their soft numbers.


With varied sub genres within the Pop music genre, we believe that the Pop music scenario in India has been quite dynamic over the years. Also, the Indian artists are adding their own unique elements that make it even more interesting!





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