Freedom – the most important element of music!

Freedom is what triggers war! Freedom triggers revolution and it inspires music! Music has the power to change and freedom gives you the ability. Music and Freedom have one thing in common, the more you let it go, the more it flows. Even the Independence Day that we celebrate has a connection to Freedom? Have you forgotten those long lost heroes who used music as their means of communication to evoke feelings?

Every Independence Day is celebrated with a national anthem created by the famous Rabindranath Tagore, which even now gives you goose bumps when you hear! Music is an art that celebrates freedom. Trained musicians used their music ability to evoke emotions among people that creates revolution. While we talk about India, there are few others like Bob Marley a firm believer in Rastafari movement created music that was inspired by it. In fact, he changed the history of music and created waves with his reggae music.

While that wasn’t enough, a group of girls created a band named Pragaash which created some mind blowing music in Kashmir recently but they, however ended up facing the wrath of the Grand Mufti. He claimed that the music was ‘un’ – Islamic. This raised a lot of questions across the nation about Freedom of music.

On one side, India has some wonderful bands like Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Agnee which give stellar performances as they step on stage and on another side, we have a few bands like Pragaash which do not get enough exposure because they are being banned from practicing music.

Music like any other form of art is a form of expression and it has proved to be one of the strongest weapons during the Independence movement. In a democratic country like India, where people have what we call ‘the freedom of speech’, shouldn’t those elements be applied to music as well? Think about it.

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