Sahil’s Top 10 Songs by Indian Metal Bands

He is a man of talent! Its not only about music, he is the man who can be creative beyond that! Multi talented, multi tasker of Demonic Resurrection, Sahil Makhija is getting quite personal with Artist Aloud as he chooses to reveal his personal favourite rock numbers. We would say who better than the Demonstealer Makhija himself to talk about one of the strongest, craziest and best genre of the world – ROCK METAL. 

1. Bhayanak Maut – Ranti Nasha: This has to be my favourite song by an Indian band. Even though the rest of their discography doesn’t appeal to me as much, this song has really stood out. It’s very melodic and has a great groove and a superb vocal hook not to mention the catchiest chorus, a growling metal band can write. Come on let me see if you shake your tail feather!

2. Exhumation – Consider This: I absolutely LOVE this Exhumation track but not the version that made it to the final album. I was really lucky to have got to hear this in the demo stage and it sounds dark and brutal as hell! It’s still got a very great melodic feel running through the song which adds to it rather than distract from it. I think in the final album the balance of guitar layers kind of killed that feel that was there in the demo. But an absolute smasher of a song!

3. Acrid Semblance – Genesis: Melodic metal is probably one of my most preferred genres of metal and this song hits all the check marks of a great song. The song is crafted with beautiful melodies on both the guitar and keys along with stellar solos. One of the landmark songs in the Indian metal hall of fame, I must say!

4. Kryptos – Decension:  I’ve been a Kryptos fanboy since 1999 when I saw them at IIT Mumbai and then again in 2000 at Deathfest in Mumbai. Kryptos are the true flag bearers of Old School metal in India.  It’s not about being fast or brutal or showing off your chops, it’s about great songs and despite being one of their oldest songs it’s one of their best till date.

5. MyndSnare – Seeking The Maze:  I fell in love with this song when I saw it live in 2001 at NLS in Bangalore and has been one of my favourite Myndsnare song since then. Hats off to the amazing guitar work by KP and drumming by Yasmin! Top notch!

6. IIIrd Soverign – Face Of Despair: I heard this song way back in 2004 I think and I had never heard of the band and OH MY GOD it just blew me away! If you hear it today in terms of production it doesn’t match the bands sound and discography but in 2004 this song just won over everyone. I remember this song made me get the band down to Mumbai for the Resurrection festival where the band tore the place apart. This is an Indian metal classic!

7.  Narsil – Derelict Deranged – Narsil came, saw and conquered and then proceeded to vanish into thin air. Though they just had one EP and probably 2-3 live shows to their credit, this song packs a punch and at that point in 2005 was a production benchmark for other bands. Today Anupam is one of the top producers in India. What a great song and a great band!

8. Skyharbor – Aphasia: My favourite from the album and it featured Sunneith from Bhayanak Maut on vocals. Melodic, complex and beautiful is the best way to describe this song.

9. Amogh Symphony – Cyborg Activation: Vishal J Singh is not human. Nuff said.

10. Albatross – In The Court Of Kuru: One of the bands holding up the flag of traditional heavy metal or horror metal as they call themselves. This song really got me into the band where they took their epic horror story telling to a much higher level. Great song-writing backed by good fun horror stories.

    • Name
    • February 27th, 2016

    Try some of these-
    1) Scribe- Kamla’s Back/ Dum hai toh aage aa/ The Mark of Teja/ I love you Pav Bhaji
    2) Motherjane- Mindstreet

    • Name
    • February 27th, 2016

    Try these-
    1) Scribe- Kamla’s Back/ Dum hai toh aage aa/ The mark of teja/ I love you pav bhaji
    2) Motherjane-Mindstreet

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