Bas kar Delhi – It’s Enough Now – An initiative by Music Manthan against rising rapes in Delhi

Hate Delhi is being called a ‘Rape City’ but unfortunately it has become one. The cases of rapes and such filthy acts are increasing constantly in Delhi. Anyone of us could be the next victim. There are miles to go before we go to sleep. The time has come to wake up, to raise our voices and do whatever we can to prevent such acts.



The single ‘Bas kar Delhi – It’s enough now’ is a small initiative taken to change the people’s mindset, thus making Delhi a safer place to live in. It is composed, written and produced by Sameer Khullar, Founder of Delhi based Music Studio ‘Music Manthan’.

The song has received a tremendous response with over 1500+ views on YouTube and 4500+ views on Rediff till now. While this noble effort has met with reasonable success, the team still claims that they have a long way to go. They believe that the potential in Delhi is immense. They are constantly putting efforts to spread the message to more and more people to ensure that each Delhiite realizes the importance of women’s safety. They dream about making ‘Delhi – A Safe City’ but also want to ensure that people learn the smart tactic in handling the crisis situation.


We at Artist Aloud and Music Manthan request you to be a part of this movement and ensure that it chugs along well so that each one of us recognizes the value of women and their safety.


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