Acoustic Tuesdays – A New member of the Artist Aloud Family

While TGIRF sets the mood for a ‘rocking’ weekend, we have yet another initiative that might ease out some stress of the weekdays. Acoustic Tuesdays, a new initiative started by Artist Aloud will have performances from various Indi artists who will entertain on weekdays, just to make you feel relaxed and to take you away from the stressful atmosphere.


As the first Acoustic Tuesday has already hit the floor of one of the most popular’s pub The Little Door, let’s get a sneak peek into the performances that created waves on that day. 


The main event had three major performances that you wouldn’t wanna miss! And the first one being Sheldon Savio Periera’s band with him singing. The others in the band included Nyzel on Guitars, Roland on Guitars and Sheldon Dixon – percussion.

Then we had the recently turned actress Shibani Kashyap on Guitar and vocals and Sandeep on Violin. Considering her fan following, we could have imagined how maddening the event would have been.


But it didn’t end there! The best was yet to come!! Special guest guitar performances included that of Howard Periera of Dischordian, Overhung and Devoid.


Also adding some more entertainment and fun to this musical night was Nikhil Uzgare, the lead singer of the band Point of View from Dubai. He sang and played the guitars and also performed a special song in Hindi which featured Ravi Iyer on guitars.


Ravi Iyer and Prathamesh played acoustic version of his songs from Para Vayu’s album- Soul Alive and ended with Hamsadhwani from his album Bends.


With an evening as glorious as this one, we hope to see a lot more of Acoustic Tuesdays of melodious and soothing numbers that will keep lingering around our mind always.



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