Mehreen Mahmud – `AAJ EK NOTUN DIN’



Many musicians & singers pursue music as a passion but end up into a different direction through academics. Mehreen Mahmud too is an artist who passed out as MA in English Literature. But life had a fixed plan for her – MUSIC !

 Exploring the different sides to her passion, this singer born in Dhaka, Bangladesh slowly got inclined to a new artistic form of life – music. With the release of her album Anari in 2000, she gained love and of course, accolades. But was that it?

 Giving her passion a new direction with one of the most difficult forms of music, Mehreen became famous for Bangla Fusion. From Jazz to Sambha which are considered one of the peppiest forms of western music, Mehreen took up the challenge and recreated them with Bangla lyrics. Mehreen was also seen judging season 1 of Bangladesh idol.

And now Mehreen Mahmud brings her latest single – `AAJ EK NOTUN DIN ‘ – It’s fresh, innovative and melodious, just the kind of sound this versatile artist is associated with ! The single is out now, listen and download exclusively on 

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