MUSIC is no longer just a hobby…. It’s a CAREER!

From Tansen being one of the ratnas of Akbar’s darbar to the current group of head bangers, the dynamic industry of music has come a long way. But struggles and obstacles were always a part of this! Ask any musician about his early days in this industry and most of them will reply about how much they struggled.

 In the early days, new talents, rising sensations had to keep waiting for an opportunity after approaching more than 100 music directors for that one break – that will define their life! Moreover, in the early days, not many parents were pleased about their kids’ inclination towards music and the art forms were strictly confined within the walls of hobbies.

 But coming to the contemporary world, music today is as well defined and respectable career as any other. And something that we appreciate is the exposure that rising musicians and bands get through online help, music companies and most importantly music schools. A R Rahman the maestro of the music world recently started a music school for students who wants to explore the art form as a CAREER…. And mind you not as a HOBBY!  With foreign universities collaborating with Indian ones and promoting music as one of the major subjects, parents too have become open-minded about the varied choices that their children are exposed in the wide arena of music. 

Adding further, struggling musicians has yet another reason to rejoice about! The increasing amount of Jamming studios and resto-bars that promote this kind of live music is just the cherry on the cake for the ones who are still testing waters!

 With the changing point of view and rapidly developing technology, the world of music has not just gone global but we hope that more people are inspired to follow it as a career rather than holding it back as just a hobby! 

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