The era of revolutionary Indie music

Art has always been considered as a medium of change. And music is the most important element that can create awareness of the world, its dynamic nature and its beauty! And also to fight crime!


With the Indie pop scene gaining momentum over a period of time, artists who are aware of the happenings around them make topical music that is not just a mere piece filled with lyrics but meaningful words that can create an impact over a mass. From O Ri Chiraiya to Eka’s She’s beautiful to the recent Bas Kar Dilli, artists are constantly touching on relevant issues through music to put their view points across. O Ri Chiraiya talks about Female foeticide and infanticide while Eka’s song reveals about the beauty of the Mother Earth thereby condemning one of the most dangerous issues faced by mankind – Global Warming. The recent Bas Kar Dilli was released after a young adult became a victim of a cruel gang rape in the nation’s capital Delhi! Some of these songs have been heart wrenching enough to make you teary-eyed! While artists are constantly attempting to fight this war of injustice with music as their weapon, the main agenda behind these kinds of revolutionary music is to inspire people to fight for the right and punish the wrong.

With the trend already seeping into the music world, we hope and believe that such forms of art not only encourage people to walk the path of justice but will also educate people in the language they love the most – Music.

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