Is the censor board blaming music for the crime?


While its popular belief that Censor Board is an institution that defines the terms and conditions and the do’s and don’ts for art, it is important to first define the different levels of art that people want to accept or deny. Let’s take an insight into the forms of art which people claim are offensive. Recent examples being Yo Yo Honey Singh who has been constantly in and out of the High Court for his vulgar and over sexualized songs! Obscenity should not be supported in any manner but doesn’t this kind of legal action put restrictions over an art form? Wouldn’t that limit scope of what can be one of the top chart-busters of the season? The answers are yet unknown and remain ambiguous.

 But going by the logic of the censor board and all the complainants who talk about such songs being a shame to Indian music, should know that songs like Bas Kar Dilli and the recent instrumental created by Anoushka Shankar which depicts her anger towards sexual violence should reduce the crime rate in the country. But none of that sorts seem to happen!

 It cannot be denied that music is influential but a thought that is to be pondered upon is what level can music in general be responsible for the heinous crimes being committed in the country?


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