Synchronicity’ 13 – A brutal grand affair with music



Gigs, craze and a hell lot of head banging! Synchronicity’13 stayed true to what it promises – ‘They came, they played, they rocked’ once again. From Parikrama to BLAKC, Synchronicity has been their big ticket to the world of rock music. Being one of the most popular head banging festivals of IIT Kanpur, Synchronicity has created loyal followers as a platform.

And this year, the festival saw some stellar acts by bands such as The Junkyard Groove, The Family Cheese, Whats in the name, Treble bite and Trinergic and many others participated in this Nationwide hunt for the most ‘rocking’ band quite literally.

The Rock-est Immortals never stopped giving out some eclectic head banging music that raised up the spirits of the audience who came in looking for some heavy dose of metal rock!   If that was the case in the elimination and in the semi-final rounds, the finale as the word suggests turned out to be a grand affair in terms of some brutal killer music that their fans enjoy with 4 finalists giving out their best and just one bagging the trophy of this year Synchonicity’ 13.

`Zero Gravity’, the Indore based band was declared the winner of Synchronicity 2013. What added to the event and made it star studded was a special performance by the American band `The flying eyes’ . We bring you camera captured moments of brilliance with these exclusive pictures of the action…





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