Women Power ruled last week’s Acoustic Tuesday

ImageTwo pretty ladies crooned their way to the hearts of their fans! One is popular, famous, glamorous… and the other has just confidently taken a step in the direction of music! But their voices kept the magic of music alive throughout the evening.

Roshni Baptist having sung for Bollywood, knows the trick of the trade and her voice keeps echoing in your mind every time you hear it dancing in tune with the beats and rhythms of the background. Shayaan Oshidaar has the much needed innocence in her voice that will keep you wondering if ‘good things come in young packages’.

Acoustic Tuesday is way of celebrating the festival of music every week to enjoy a peaceful evening, a break from the monotonous stressful life. Acoustic Tuesday gives artists and music lovers a chance to explore genres of music and to gauge the kind of talent that our country poses. Shayaan Oshidaar is one of those young, vivacious talents who has a passion for music just like Roshni Baptist who possesses the same ardor even after experiencing this world of music.Image


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