Gujarat – The new hub for music festivals


While the common notion is that college festivals in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and other educational hub have a rocking guest list of A list bands, playback singers, award winning musicians this time around things have changed and how! Gujarat is the state that is currently high on festivity, celebrating art and music. From A R Rahman to popular singer Usha Uthup, a lot of singers are paying frequent visits to the state to celebrate the different phases of the art.

Naada Music Festival recently held in Ahmedabad featured an all girls rock band Hurrican Girls, along with celebrated musicians like Shubha Mudgal and turned out to be a huge hit. But that is just one example! Many such artists are being a part of this celebration and gushing about the enthusiastic audience who just can’t get enough of music. Going a step beyond, the youngsters this time have explored horizons beyond the confines of Bollywood music – giving equal importance to indie performers too. In fact a lot of these collegians prefer young bands and contemporary music as they can relate to them. Parikrama and the favourite DJ Aqeel have been invited at the same platform to serve the tastes of different audience.

With Gujarat turning into the new hub for music, we believe that many artists may be eyeing this state as the new hotspot to showcase their talent!

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