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Christmas Week Special: Celebrating memories with Artist Aloud

It’s time for decorate your home and gorge over some yummy food and desserts! But all the celebrations get pepped up with that dash of music! Breaking away from the monotony of ‘Jingle bells’ and other Christmas songs, we at Artist Aloud have decided to give a contemporary touch to the season of Yuletide.

Eka’s ‘Christmas Feel It In The Air’ as the title aptly suggests speaks volumes about the festivity and the beauty of it. Magic with music brings energy and positivity to the celebration and AA plans to make it special with its interesting mix of pop, rock and different forms of music. Another suggestion could be the songs of Joanne Fernandes with songs like Love Jesus. What made it so special was the inert feelings that the singer expressed about the occasion and her love for the Lord himself.  Going the unconventional way she added those heavy beats of drums and rock tunes in this song that was dedicated to Lord Jesus Christ. Calling it as an unique tribute, this track is for the ones who like to keep their Christmas different.

Many such artists like to explore different genres of music, maintaining the devotional value at the same time breaking the norms of conventional forms of spiritual tracks.  So, this year tell us which is your pick from our AA Christmas collection?

INDIVA’s Elements Of Music

Women power is one word which describes Indiva. Comprised of four popular and talented female artists, Indiva diverges into different areas of music. From classical to adding that dash of contemporary, the band concentrates on different genres of music – sometimes even fuses it together to create a new form.

Using different elements of the universe – combining them into one signifies Music for this band. Air signifies the one with a golden voice – Hamsika Iyer. Establishing her singing prowess in Bollywood, she has given some popular chartbusters like Chammak Challo. Merlin D’Souza (Fire) adds on to the stellar music of the band with her piano skills. Going the classical way is Shruthi who maintains the charm of Indian traditional music, signifying water, with her violin. Completing this band is none other than rockstar Vivienne Pocha. Earth being her element, she is talented equally when it comes to her vocals and playing the guitar.

Indiva has given out some stunning performances all over India. This girl band survives on the power of music and the passion they share for it. While all possess some enviable skills when it comes to performing, the four women have taken it upon themselves to redefine Indian pop music with their own terms and conditions.

Indiva has recently extended their association with Artist Aloud and their music will be available on all platforms including :





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