Artist Aloud completes 4 yrs!!

With the internet spreading like wildfire, it was obvious that the `Digital’ platform as we know it today would be the most talked about, most sought after invention of the 21st century. But inventions and platforms have always been there; like they say the number of stories in the world are only as many as the fingers on your hand. The difference is not in the story; it is how you present them!

While every other media has been writing off Independent music, Artist Aloud over the last 4 years, thinking differently has time and again proved otherwise. Non film music, which is labeled as Independent music could never be written off! Music that is pop culture, songs that the generation of today have grown up listening to cannot be ignored. Independent music deserves recognition and Artist Aloud is proud to be its definitive digital platform for 4 yrs.

Independent music is in huge demand and this is exactly what Artist Aloud aims to power in its 5th year. Come 7th January 2014 and will have an all new & exciting look. All it would take the user now is one click to access a huge number of songs & videos right at the home page. The new UI has been designed keeping in mind the fact that fans simply want more. With the addition of new tabs and features such as Interviews, What’s hot, Song Review, Regional & Artist of the Day, the new & improved brings music entertainment bigger & better than before

On completing 4 yrs & talking on the future of Artist Aloud, AVP and Business & Product Head, Soumini Sridhara Paul says, “Seeing Artist Aloud complete 4 years is not just an achievement but a dream come true and this could not have been possible without Hungama, all the artists we have on board and my team. We are just at the beginning of where we want to be and having completed 4 yrs, we definitely know we are on the right path and it is only a matter of time that Independent Music will be synonymous with Artist Aloud.”

Artist Aloud says a big THANK YOU to all the artists for making a dream manifest, build & grow into . In 2014, our Endeavour continues for the one purpose…to put Independent talent under the spotlight, which it rightly deserves. 

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