Exclusive song reviews of the week – by PARAG KAMANI


Who Is The Idiot? – Blaaze and Paul J ft. Mrishti and Mrishal

Within the ever-evolving musical landscape, rapper/songwriter Blaaze has found a way to evolve himself, and attempted to stay at least one stop ahead of the game by cashing in [pardon the pun] on the brouhaha surrounding the impending nationwide elections. In conjunction with his brother, Paul J, Blaaze has introduced an innovative and witty track asking a query: “Who Is The Idiot?” Does the song answer it? Well, listen to it to find out as the composition, though light on musical content, has a call-and-response setting that has children singing the chorus over hip hop rhythms which feature the vocals of Mrishti and Mrishal Raman. Review by PARAG KAMANI



Aisi Andaziya – Shankar Mahadevan ft. Pragya Patra and Rohit Sehgal

Vocalist Pragya Patra, featured on this pop ditty “Aisa Andaziya”, is a new talent who arrives with an impeccable track record [pun intended]; winning first prize at MOBISUR, the pan-India digital talent hunt that was judged by, among others, Shankar Mahadevan. In support, Pragya has got vocalist Rohit Sehgal, a Hindustani classical artiste and, combined, they provide pure pop to now people with their collaboration. Lacing soundscapes inspired by different genres with their soulful vocals, “Aisi Andaziya” contains synth-heavy hooks whose melody nods into the electro pop era from the ’80s to contemporary sounds, which is pretty close to an epitome of a feel-good track. Review by PARAG KAMANI



Meri Zindagi Ik Paheli – Sameer Khullar ft. Gargie Verma

Composer, singer, songwriter, and producer Sameer Khullar is passionate about his music, and it shows on “Meri Zindagi Ik Paheli” which not only speaks about human philosophies that culminate when a person passes away, but also makes his musical influences transparently clear as he takes snatches of Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox’s rendition of The Lover Speaks’ “No More I Love You’s” into his composition. Lending a voice to the proceedings – in more ways than one – is singer Gargie Verma who does a marvellous job in the musical framework provided to her by offering an effective stage for Gargie’s husky voice, showcasing her as a chanteuse for the future. Review by PARAG KAMANI


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