Punjab – Jasbir Jassi


Punjab da munda Jasbir Jassi played the harmonium as a youngster, is a poet, and has been a classically trained musician, but none of that really matters as he moves into familiar bhangra territory with the state-of-mind inspiring “Punjab”.  Jasbir dips a toe, as it were, into the beginnings of cross-cultural metamorphosis by introducing electro-bhangra sounds, diving head first into monotonous walloping beats and a repetitive “hey” chorus, supported by the swirl of keyboards. Although “Punjab” provides an expected look at the bhangra style, its practitioners like Jasbir will not disappoint fans by providing them a better idea of what modern bhangra represents, and just how many communities and countries now connect with it. That said, “Punjab” is a track that is both listenable and danceable and, naturally for the bhangra fan, a lot of fun to boot.

Listen & Download this track here:http://www.artistaloud.com/JasbirJassi

 – Review by PARAG KAMANI

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