Artist Aloud bridging the Artist – fans gap with Confession room


Unanswered fan mails, reading and searching for interviews of your favourite artist in print, magazines and online, fans at times feel disconnected from what they see and read. There is a lot more to these artists than what hasn’t been asked and read a hundred times, or they don’t already know. There are so many questions that the fans would like to ask, so many other aspects about the artist that they would like to know. At a time where artist and fans are looking to connect with each other on a deeper note to understand each other, both have gone at lengths to reach out to them. From following Facebook pages to twitter pages, fans go through great length to know what’s happening in their favourite artist life, where they are performing, tour dates, concert tickets, contest to win a chance to meet them live and get a next to impossible chance to interact with them.

The recently commenced property by Artist aloud gives you 1 hour of unadulterated, unedited and unscripted interactions with “confession room” live on Google Hangout. The Confession Room gives the fans a platform to interact one on one with the artist live. The fans are chosen through a social media contest to get a chance to interact with the artist.  Confession room kicked off with the powerful versatile and soulful music composer’s duo Salim Suleiman on the 11th of September saw a warm welcome from the viewers who got to interact with the duo and receive autographed goodies as well. Now for the second live session, artist Aloud will feature one of the most versatile and melodious, classical and Sufi singer Kavita Seth who is known for her songs Iktara from Wake up Sid ( Movie) and Tumhi Ho Bandhu from movie Cocktail (Movie).

On Behalf of Artist Aloud, Soumini Sridhara Paul – Business and Product Head, says,


Artist Aloud is a digital media, distribution and talent management platform for independent artists across the Globe. It’s a one stop destination for commercial Independent content across languages, genres and talent. An initiative pioneered by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Private Ltd., is an opportunity for independent artists to build a connect with their fans and for fans to have access to their music that is previously unreleased and created by the Artist for them. The platform currently houses original music from over three hundred artistes – both well-known and new. It has music from several genres ranging from Alternative Pop, Fusion, English and Hindi Rock, Bollywood Pop and Classic Indi-Pop in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, etc. is a revolution in the Indian independent music scene that aims to give not only artists but also music lovers the control and right to build the demand for independent music from India and across the world at a global level.


Watch the Hangout with Kavita Seth live on 11th November on

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