This Bitter World – INSIGNIA


Punk lives! From the remnants of the 1970s sound that initially gained popularity in the U.K. and was renamed as grunge by the U.S. when they imported the genre in the ‘80s, it is indeed a pleasant surprise that the manic, hard-edged sound, typically short songs, stripped-down instrumentation and, often, lyrics laden with pessimism still remains alive into the second decade of the new century. Thanks are due to, in this instance, the troika of Harikesh Shekhar [guitar], Shashank Shetty [bass], and Nihar Pansare, who are jointly known as INSIGNIA. As the potential missing link between pub rock and punk, INSIGNIA proves that the description provided is true as “This Bitter World” turns loud as required, supported by the guitar that is played incredibly fast as the riffs and rhythms result in sheer brutal power which is, after all, the basis of punk.


Listen and Download the songs here :

– Review by PARAG KAMANI

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