You Make My Knees [Go Weak] – Hammer n Thong!

Avril - Hammer N Thong

From the name of the band itself – leaving it to listener imagination about who represents hammer and who is thong – to the bio that does speak of vocalist Avril and music composer Bryan, who is also responsible for guitaring and for production work. While the lyrics are trite and inane and it does take time to accept the accented singing, the music is pretty much straight, reminiscing the ‘80s New Romantics sound into the ‘10s. It is a fusion of style and substance which ensures that “You Make My Knees” is both listenable and rhythmic, blending a tight, guitar sound, bass heavy groove, and an electronic production with a series of instant hooks.

Listen and Download the songs here:

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

  1. Dear Mr.Kamani
    Thank you for critiquing our track. But I would like to tell you that this track was meant to be LYRICALLY LIGHT n I hardly think it is fair to call it LYRICALLY INANE and TRITE. The lyrics are meant to fit the mood and I wrote it based on that n did not mean for this song to be philosophical. I also beg to differ that the singing is ACCENTED. That’s the way I sing in my own accent. Oh! I suddenly remembered:This is just YOUR POV not that of our fans!!! Thank you Sir!!

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