Rewind And Play EP – Grey Area



Based in Mumbai, Grey Area is a quartet consisting of Elton [bass], Sanchit [drums], Floyd [vocals, lead guitar], and Nestor [rhythm guitar]. Apparently, the quartet’s music is inspired by first-hand experiences and, on this EP consisting of eight tracks, Grey Area craft razor-sharp and exciting pop tunes with lots of spark, soul, and the occasional psychedelic touch. The music itself is young, exciting, and free, resulting in a recording that has turned out to be dynamic, thrilling, and an impressive EP as Grey Area benefits from stripped-down arrangements. The talent of each member is uniquely showcased, especially drummer Sanchit who does a marvellous job on tracks such as “Mistaken” and “Thousand Thoughts”. The songs remain hook-filled, and endlessly catchy – such as “Changing Times”, “Leah”, and “Strawberry Lips” but, above all, the tracks are an exercise in simple fun. The songwriting takes an edge on the comparatively quieter songs too, such as the sweet “Little Lives” and the soulful “Too Much Love”, both of which are sharp and melodic as the band delivers these tunes, as in the others, with vigour. As I have stated in an earlier review, Grey Area is the right forum for “injecting the indie movement with a shot of much-needed rock grit”.


Listen and Download the songs here:

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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