Kaho [album] – Nusrat Hussain


Founder-member of Vital Signs – a band in which he played guitar – and, thereafter, as a member of Junoon – where he played keyboards – Nusrat Hussain soon left his musical past by opting for a career as an airline pilot. After 19 years, Nusrat decided to return to music with an offering of a full length album, ‘Kaho’, in 2012. Reflecting on Nusrat’s multi-faceted musical skills and experience in the music industry, on ‘Kaho’, Nusrat’s emotional resonance enlivens his music, breathing life into his songs even when the production often appears too clean. Still, the juxtaposition of contemporary themes and classic production is precisely what makes the album distinctive where its underlying musical theme is mainly of mellowness, such as “Har Subha”, the title-track, “Tum Bin”, and “Chalay Aana” [which actually features on Nusrat’s 2009 album, ‘Amrit’]. But the outstanding tracks are those that are most musically diversified, such as the beguiling “Intezar”, the perfect pop of “Maza Dard Ka”, the darkness of “Shor” with its thick vocals and liberal usage of keyboards, and the riff-driven heavy metal of “Manzil”. ‘Kaho’ sounds fresh because Nusrat’s writing is keen, and his confident singing makes each song sound intimate and immediate.


Listen and Download the songs here: http://www.artistaloud.com/NusratHussain

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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