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Formed in Mumbai by Milin [also known as Milind Chitnavis], the eight selections on this debut from the band consist of songs sung in English and in Hindi, with a few minus one tracks common among them. That, of course, is not a bad thing at all as it caters to audiences who prefer listening to songs in a particular language. However, the content is strong – with all the songs composed and written by Milin [who also plays guitar and sings], with Hindi lyrics being shared by Tushar Bhatia, Ibrahim Ashq, and Farooque Rehman. Notable of the dual language songs are the keyboard-opened ballad “Armaanon Ka Sapna”/ “Dreams”, and ”Sparkling In The Night” that is a likable guitar-based track overlaid by keyboards. Other tracks that ring in the feel of retro, yet managing to steer away from that bygone era by sounding fresh is the lovely, mellow “Just Slips Away” featuring female vocals that engulf the listener with a gorgeous feeling of awe and wonderment. Music UnLtd’s influences may be manifold, but the one that comes out clear to me is progressive rock. Nevertheless, nearly all the tracks seem to have been nurtured to glory over the years as labours of love, but what is simply awesome on this collection from Music UnLtd is their ability to captivate the listener. Take a bow, Milin!


Listen and Download the songs here:

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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