Raga Punch [EP] – Ravi Iyer


Presently based out of Mumbai, Ravi Iyer has got his name emboldened by the popularity of his prowess on the guitar, amalgamating the sounds of a predominantly Western music instrument with multiple Indian instruments that include tabla, mridangam, veena, and violin. This EP further defines and refines his blistering fusion. Although it contains screaming rock energy and sometimes exaggerated competitive frenzy among the instrumentalists, ‘Raga Punch’ is varied in texture, tightly organised and, thankfully, strong in musical content with songs such as “Veena Vadini”, originally composed by Ravi’s mother, Saraswathi Iyer, and a “reprise” of the song featuring the talents of the Utkarsh Mandal School that supports children with impaired hearing or speech. A remarkable example of precisely choreographed, solo trading appears on “Jogi Blues” and “The Leader Follows”, with the vocal and violin interplay on “Inward Eye” [apparently featured on Ravi’s first album, ‘Rocking Ragaas’] moving at high-speed. Undoubtedly, this is a Raga EP that lives upto its name by providing an effective musical Punch!


Listen and Download the songs here: http://www.artistaloud.com/RaviIyer

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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