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Jee Le – SUR



The band that goes by the name SUR is, what the bio says, “an amalgamation of diverse studio musicians who have come together to create a symphony – a synthesis of rare and unique fusion sounds”. The man behind Glam Slam Recording Studios is also the composer and arranger behind “Jee Le”, Suresh Mendoza, ably supported by a marvellous team consisting of Glenn Fernandes [guitar], Bosco Fernandez [keyboards], and Joshua Vaz [drums], with lyrics provided by Loy Chako with vocals from Chandana Bala Kalyan. The combination has proven its versatility on “Jee Le” that is essentially a combination of Western funk meeting Indian classical vocals. It takes a little time to appreciate but, once you do, you probably cannot obtain better Indian funk!


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Lagan Lagi – Anaya Brahma


Originally from North East Assam, Anaya Brahma eventually graduated in music from Mumbai’s SNDT University, training herself in classical music under the tutelage of Begum Parveen Sultana and Pushpa Ranjan De. Her musical background is efficiently showcased on this composition by Vijay Verma with lyrics by Manthan. “Lagan Lagi” features modern day sounds supported by fabulous rock guitaring as Anaya’s powerful voice sums the best parts of her musical character and transforms her from a one-time student to a potential teacher.


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Raanjhana – Shirin



From Yavatmal, vocalist Shirin Nazim Charania is fortunately a late bloomer, considering that her bio speaks of her breaking out from “13 years of marriage and family life” to make singing into her career and, despite a delayed start to her career, Shirin has gone head on into picking songs that suit her precise voice. So too on “Raanjhana” – with lyrics and tune composed by Sargam Jashu – wherein Shirin has been provided a melodious song pervaded by keyboards with appropriate support provided by guitar in select passages. Certainly, “Raanjhana” is a song that is pleasing to the ears and maintains Shirin’s track for selecting soothing melodies.


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Jaane Kab Fir – Piyush Gupta featuring Ankit Jain



U.P.-based Piyush Gupta is a music director who has composed the music, written the lyrics, and produced yet another catchy song this time around too, called “Jaane Kab Fir”. The mid-tempo keyboard-based track speaks about “when love is in the soul, music is the only solace” with vocals provided by Ankit Jain. This is uncluttered pop requiring no deep thinking for enjoyment and, even though it may be considered a light weight song, nothing changes the fact that it remains pleasing to the ears.


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Beti – Sukhwinder Singh Featuring Neetu Chandra


Every March 8th, International Women’s Day – originally called International Working Women’s Day – is celebrated globally in different ways and means. While some countries have declared holidays, some people celebrate the day by wearing purple ribbons but, for me, it was viewing a remarkable documentary, ‘He Named Me Malala’, which made generic reference to the political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide.

While the theme for 2016 was “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up For Gender Equality”, even the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, spoke about thanking women “for their contributions over the years in the building of our nation.”

Keeping these sentiments in mind, Artist Aloud and Hungama Digital have lent their support to cherish this memorable day with their own message conveyed through the product under review: “Every woman is the daughter of India / Let’s pledge to protect them / Let’s rise to respect them / Let’s unite to make a difference”, by launching Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh’s homage to women on “Beti”. While one would have expected an atypical ballad to convey thoughts of the theme that it obviously promotes, music director Rimi Dhar has taken an off the center musical approach by providing a soul-influenced light pop track that is both mainstream and catchy, with lyrics provided by Saaveri Verma.

For those interested, the accompanying video is produced by Champaran Talkies and features actress Neetu Chandra as a super heroine arriving as a saviour for sufferers. Apparently, 200 police women in Mumbai were invited to grace the launch where Neetu shared her thoughts on producing the video that deservedly speaks of “the empowerment of women, safety, respect, and education.”

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5th Artist Aloud Music Awards


And we are back!! Only bigger and louder……..than EVER!
Artist Aloud is back with its 5th edition of ARTIST ALOUD MUSIC AWARDS – A chance to celebrate Independent Artists who impact the Indie music scene the most. Its about time the unheard and the underrated get the exposure and the recognition they deserve. And so here we are, with the biggest music awards honoring the best emerging acts out of the scene. If you didn’t already know, Artist Aloud Music Awards is an annual property initiated in the year 2010, where artists featured on Artist Aloud are felicitated for their creations in the field of music.

So Whats new this year? Joining the Jury panel this year we have, Mr. Sridhar Subramanian (the president of Sony Music – India and Middle East), Mehmood Curmally (Owner of Rhythm House Pvt. Ltd), Shameer Tandon (Bollywood Composer) and RJ Rishi Kapoor of Red FM. In addition to this, we are stoked to announce our association with Pepsi MTV Indies for the the brand new category ‘The best Emerging Act’ this year.
Its gonna be one hell of a ride, but not without you! Show some love to your favorite Indie Act and vote for them here : Share and Tweet using #AAMA5 and make your favorite Act win!

Oh, wait! Did we forget to mention that the Grand finale event will be held at Blue FROG Mumbai, with an amazing line up of performers? Well, this is all you get, we’ll keep that for later.

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Wo Shaam – Talat Aziz


Hyderabad-born singer Talat Aziz has been in the forefront of India’s ghazal brigade ever since one can remember, and it is interesting to hear him, after  all these years, still churning out mellifluous ghazals in his deep and soulful voice. While Talat has too many gems in his repertoire to quote in this limited space, add “Wo Shaam” to it as it is not only melodic, but the lyrics from poet Gul Rukh Khan add to the song’s wholesomeness. The music, programmed himself, is certainly contemporary with the light usage of keyboards and the haunting sounds of the flute making the arrangements topical. Being Sania Mirza’s uncle only goes to reiterate that Talat Aziz certainly arrives from a family of champions, both on the field and off…


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