Rock it Was! Rock it is! | Album Review | Treble Bite


When punk began exploding in the late ’70s, more than a few fans of the then new genre declared that the only hope for rock and roll was to throw away its past and start over but, thankfully, a few people knew better than that. Rock and roll not only survived – and how! – but the link continues into the 21st century with a Thane-based quintet of musicians – fronted by Vikram Khade – known as Treble Bite. Approaching the classic rock styles of the past with energy, along with the carefreeness of punk, Treble Bite is part of a new generation of musicians that defines rock and roll with the sound that it deserves: hard, wild, manic…and, please, add fun to it! Riff-driven guitar sounds, as rock should be heard, Treble Bite blast through varied selections on this album with songs like the anthemic “Rock It Was” and the softer “The Only Hell I Know”, along with amazing guitar work on “Burn With Me”; well, the list goes on… Place the rock and roll past on a backburner for the moment, and listen to the future through the sounds of Treble Bite, who appear to be ’ears ahead!

Listen and Download the songs here:

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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