Aviral Part I – Sarit Das feat. Swarnima Gusain


There is a legion of devotional music fans who want their genre to sound exactly as it has always by convention. But with the appearance of music director Sarit Das leading the way of being experimental, he conveys that it appears ridiculous to merely think that his sound would be satisfied by complying to popular demand. “Growth is necessary; change is inevitable” appears to be the underlying theme on ‘Aviral Part I – A collection of Rare Mantras from Ancient Scripts’ on this album, which appears like one extended song that has been broken into four parts: “Ajam Nirvikalpam”; “Saraswati Namasyami”; “Namastestu Mahamaye”; and “Vashudevam Hrishikesham”.  In the case of Sarit’s brand of devotional music, different does not automatically mean bizarre as the amalgamation of spiritual lyrics and a potpourri of sounds that include keyboard-based orchestration, choir singing and, in moments, a clear jazz feel…often results like a background score of early Hollywood films, thanks especially to Cris Masand in the programming seat, and the mastering of Ahitanga ‘Tito’ Dasgupta, which is crisp, direct, and sharp. The mixing by Santanu Mukharjee may be defiant and appear brash but, paradoxically, it is heartfelt too. While singer Swarnima Gusain may have her moments, there are several passages in which her vocals are clearly stretched, but that should not take away the passion behind the songs composed by Sarit Das, who has decided to have devotional music flow into [a] new wave.

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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