Ishopanishad (Album Review) – Mahendra Arya


Born in Rajasthan, Mahendra Arya has apparently never undergone formal training in music and, as his bio says, has “a natural flair” for composing music. Of the two music albums released by him, ‘Ishopanishad’ is one, which is based on the translation of Sanskrit mantras from the Upanishads, a collection of texts that contain philosophical concepts of Hinduism, some of which are also shared in Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. While Mahendra writes lyrics in Hindi and then creates tunes which, on ‘Ishopanishad’, is co-composed with Anil Dole, on the singing front, Mahendra supports Paritosh Saha. The 17 songs here are presented here with minimal instrumentation [mostly keyboards and tabla] and the arrangements are similarly light weight. While the beats throughout the album do tend to get monotonous, “This is music for soul” announces Mahendra Arya, as he utilises ‘Ishopanishad’ to support his devotional beliefs.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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