Mann Kunto Maula – Funk Samachar


A fusion collaborative of Divyang Arora [drums] and Ronak Pandit [guitars], along with Jojo a.k.a. Harsh Dave on vocals, results in Funk Samachar. On “Mann Kunto Maula”, the trio is accompanied by Mayank Kapadiya [bass] and Nayan Kapadiya [keyboards], supported by a musician that moves the selection above the ordinary, Vanraj Shastri on sarangi, an instrument that opens the track and weaves itself in between. There really is only a tinge of funk, if any, but the reality of “Mann Kunto Maula” is its repetitive lyrics across a mid-tempo music accompaniment that moves along at a steady pace without much innovation which, no doubt, makes the original composition pleasant enough, but what could have made it interesting would have been by providing individual members an opportunity of showcasing their respective talents.

Stream & Download ‘Mann Kunto Maula’ exclusively on Artist Aloud – The App.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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