The Liquor Machine [full album] – Sher Shantanu



U.P. based Shantanu Ahalawat must have already been on a high changing his persona to Sher Shantanu while pursuing a career in music, but the 17-year-old has just taken a step higher by launching an entire album of heavy electronically-synthesised Hindi hip-hop songs called ‘The Liquor Machine’. In taking a peg or four – as in “bartender, make that double, a double” – from Honey Singh, Sher – in conjunction with musical partner Sumit Kohli – has recorded a quartet of spirited, theme-based songs: “Daaru Anthem”, “The Liquor Machine”, “Baba Ji Ki Party”, and “Daru Pita Raha” – that leave absolutely nothing to imagination, even though the artiste professes, “I have never consumed alcohol”. Nevertheless, following the release of this album, Sher Shantanu should consider a further name change to, perhaps, Liquor Sing!

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Stream & Download ‘The Liquor Machine’ exclusively on Artist Aloud – Talent First App.

Also Available on:
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Hear it on Wynk Music, Vodafone Music, Idea Music Hub

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