Zinda | Yaj

If having a management degree could be translated into a musical career, people would probably find their journey into this creative field a lot simpler or, perhaps, they would concentrate more on their academics or, better still, both! But here, double management graduate Yaj has, on discovering that “the life that you live is seldom the life that you imagine”, has attempted to place his preachings into practice by diversifying into a musical career which has earned him “some awards” during his study days. Now that Yaj has taken the “plunge” – his words, not ours –  at first, it appears, that being corporate was certainly a better option for Yaj. However, on repeated listenings of “Zinda”, what seeps through is that the soft pop song consists of a pristine gloss that, while impressive within Yaj’s vocal limitations, simply focuses on something clean, safe, and crystal-clear. Unfortunately, enthusiasm by itself cannot salvage stock tunes, and there remains sufficient scope to push Yaj’s content creation in the correct direction and to an achievement at a superior level, if only his sound is enriched by stronger production for depth and for subtlety.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Stream & Download ‘Zinda’ exclusively on Artist Aloud – Talent First App.

Also Available on:
Hungama Music : http://bit.ly/2mMT9uC
Wynk Music: http://wynk.in/u/101UDjL5X6usDt
iTunes India: http://apple.co/2m12zof
iTunes International: http://apple.co/2lG5QGy

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