Eid Wali Raat – Manav Shaunki

Eid Wali Raat

Sufi receives a radical change of speed on “Eid Wali Raat” courtesy of college professor-cum-singer Manav Shaunki which is produced by Funkbox.  Adapting indigenous musical heritage to fast-paced pop sounds, music composer Rampal Banga has created rhythmic and melodic arrangements for “Eid Wali Raat” that transcends way beyond traditional Sufi music, and yet maintains musical notes on rhythms and folk melodies that exist in the heart of Sufism, blurring the lines where terrains, spiritual practices and, of course, musical ideas meet, meld, and mutate to contemporary sounds. Sufi is the music of joy and reverence and, as it bridges the various aspects of cultural traditions, “Eid Wali Raat” creates, via the sheer beauty of its sound and its lyrics, a portrait of a world that seamlessly and constantly shuffles between pleasure and pain.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Stream & Download ‘Eid Wali Raat’ exclusively on Artist Aloud – Talent First App.

Also Available on:
Hungama Music: http://bit.ly/2sdpX1e
iTunes India: http://apple.co/2tLUVj6

Also Available on iTunes International, Wynk Music, Reliance Jio Music, Idea Music Lounge.

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