Intezaar by Piyush Gupta Featuring Chinmayi Sripada


Hailing from Pilibhit, formerly known as Hafizabad, a city in U.P., Piyush Gupta is a music director who usually composes music, writes lyrics, and also produces his songs. I have been following his career through a trilogy of songs which commenced with “Jaanu Na Main” [about “Falling In Love”], followed by “Jane Kab Phir” [about “Missing In Love”] and “Bahon Ke Darmiyaan [which celebrates “Kissing In Love”], all of which have been impressive so, it was with much anticipation that I heard his latest effort, “Intezaar”.

Piyush does not disappoint.  The amalgamation of a contemporary theme in “waiting” and a simplistic production containing acoustic guitar, flute, and mild keyboards is precisely what makes the song distinctive. The song continues to sound fresh because of Piyush’s writing, and singer Chinmayi Sripada’s strong singing, both of whose talents combined makes “Intezaar” sound intimate and immediate.

Piyush Gupta has become an expert of sorts for producing/arranging uncluttered pop that requires no deep thinking for enjoyment and, even though his songs/renditions may be considered light, nothing changes the fact that the tracks that emanate from his roster remain pleasing to the ears. It is with much “Intezaar” that I look forward to Piyush’s next song!

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Stream & Download ‘Intezaar’ exclusively on Artist Aloud – Talent First App.

Also Available on:
Hungama Music:
iTunes India:

Also Available on iTunes International, Wynk Music, Reliance Jio Music, Idea Music Lounge.

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