Sound Of India – All That Matters

India is spoken about in every forum and our population of 1.3 billion people never ceases to make people dream of the opportunities they may have across whatever their business may be. But interestingly India rarely gets to showcase itself outside of its own territory in a global forum. When it comes to the SEA region as well, India often gets sidelined with focus laid on other territories including Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, etc. Ironically, the same was the case for one of the most prestigious and honoured global conferences namely All That Matters that had been running for more than 11 years. Every year there were representatives from India attending the conference as well as speaking at the conference but never was there a focus on the country or a showcase of the same.


However all that changed at this conference for the 12th year that happened between the 9th and 13th of Sept 2017. This year the conference not only had a special panel called Streaming In India that featured representatives from all the key players from India but also for the first time showcased an exclusive stage called Sound Of India which was Powered by Artist Aloud.

Sound Of India featured 4 extremely uniquely curated artists including Ravi Iyer with Mridangam player, Krishna, Yesterdrive, Fuzzculture and Alobo Naga who between themselves gave a flavour of what India represents musically outside of Bollywood. While India may be synonymous to Bollywood outside of India, the stage, Sound Of India gave Artist Aloud and India a chance to showcase the other side of India which is being built by a few passionate and dedicated players. To have Artist Aloud get an opportunity like this to be representing India is all credit due to Neeraj Roy from Hungama Digital Media who has been the pioneering visionary to support a platform like this and to Jasper Donat from Branded to have given the opportunity on such a prestigious platform like All That Matters that has grown to become one of the biggest global conferences.

This year was just a trailer to what I hope will be an annual affair through which India will see a more unique and exciting line up of artists building the bridge between Indian and International fans. To have Artist Aloud enable that is what will make it even more fulfilling.


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