All About Music – An Industry Person’s Perspective

I started my career in 1994 as a singer in Bengaluru after I graduated from St. Xavier’s college with a Statistics Major. I left Mumbai to go back to my home in Bengaluru where my family had shifted while I was in college. When I moved to Bengaluru, singing as a career was not even in the pipeline but it happened by chance. A chance meeting with one event organiser led me to  perform in shows with him and with various other event organisers across the country before I met with and played a demo of covers to Suresh Thomas who used to run BMG Crescendo back in 1996.


Those were the days when a label would listen to a voice and decide to invest in that voice through production, marketing and promotion. The model was quite a simple one. Artist would be invested on and recovery would be through album sales and shows. The artist was signed on exclusively with the label for a certain number of years. All the artist had to do was be present with his/her talent and the rest would be the label’s responsibility and onus to work on. The honeymoon lasted for about 5-6 years and then the scene changed.

A lot has been discussed over various forums about Bollywood swallowing up the space for the flourishing Indie Pop scene over the years by killing it with players like television and radio totally abandoning anything that is either non-Bollywood or not having become big enough through digital to be played.


And in comes a new player who is known as the Talent Manager to new, upcoming and extremely popular Bollywood Singers – TM Management who decides to take up the mammoth task of bringing a large part of the music industry together under one roof. And how did he do this? Tarsame Mittal, the main man reached out to some of his closest business friends who in turn reached out to some of their closest business friends and in turn used their network to help him put this together. With Tarsame investing and some key players supporting, this conference was bound to make an impact.

All in all the conference was a great success with the number of people that attended it including artists, students and industry bigwigs and the way it was organised. Tarsame was humble and composed throughout the conference.

But here are a few things that one is curious to know:

  • If this was All About Music, where were T-Series, SAREGAMA, Zee Music and Channel V?
  • If India needs to be beyond Bollywood and grow a sustainable Independent Scene too why are labels that claim to be all about Independent or companies that want to do more than Bollywood not do more towards building the scene by going back to what they used to do like when I was an artist?

Authored by Soumini Sridhara Paul – Artist Aloud, India’s Only Premium Talent and Independent Content Platform

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