Everyone knows the Pied Piper story. In today’s context, it applies to people who follow the crowd blindly. As human beings, we are all scared to do something different. There is always the nagging feeling that if it was possible then it would have already been done. Just imagine if there weren’t some people who thought differently. We wouldn’t have so many things that we all have become so used to today. Every new invention or idea faces resistance mainly due to lack of precedence. It is only when one dreamer who manages to tide the wave and push forward against all odds and makes a mark that people start accepting anything new.

We are a product of influence and habit. We avoid showing people that we may not like or do something that everyone does. It is only when the numbers increase is when we acknowledge that we liked it or accepted it before anyone else. This interestingly is human behavior and is agnostic to any sector, industry or area of interest. We want more of what everybody wants.

Ironically though, we are also a race that gets bored very easily and have a very small attention span. We do not accept something till everybody does and once everybody does and it becomes common, we want something new. And then the cycle continues again.

This is a phenomenon we noticed in the live space with artists who have been performing regularly at venues. A number of artists have been performing for years and have been attracting patrons to venues in a ticketed format. These artists have gained fame through these venue performances and through them the venues have gained popularity as an entertainment destination. But lately, the consumer has started becoming more and more immune to the regular artists and becoming less responsive to them refusing to pay an entry charge just for the artist. We see this in festivals too which have become more about the experience and less about who the artist is. In some of the most popular festivals, you hear more about the production and the availability of liquor than who the artists were unless it is already a big popular name.

So we believed it was time to not just build new heroes in the live venue space but also create an experience for the consumer that will attract him to come to the venue. The idea is to pull the consumer towards the venue for what he looks at, which is value for money on what he consumes and also discover new musical experiences which we curate and present. And thus was born, ARISE.

ARISE is a joint IP between Artist Aloud and Hard Rock Cafe to build Tuesdays as the new night for you to step out and enjoy a Happy Extended Hour along with some amazing musical performances that will make your next day seem worth getting up for. It is meant to become the midweek dose for fun and inspiration. We aim to present artists who will present their passion and in the process make you passionate enough to do your daily deeds.


26th Sept 2017 was the first event done to launch ARISE at Hard Rock Cafe, Worli and had an amazing opening night with the North East sensation, Alobo Naga launching his second album, Kini available through Artist Aloud and its distribution network. The event was also graced by Kailash Kher, Uday Benegal, and Director, Music Task Force, Nagaland, Gugs Chischi as the chief guests. The event was promoted not just by Artist Aloud and Hard Rock Cafe but also by Alobo himself who went all out to communicate to his fans that he would be performing at this event. To me personally, this was one of the most fulfilling partnerships we have ever had with both the venue and the artist. And I would say that it was the best beginning for something new.

ARISE will now be taken to Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri on the 31st Of Oct 2017. Stay tuned for more information on our social handles.

ARISE for the Artists; ARISE for yourselves; ARISE with Artist Aloud and Hard Rock Cafe.


Authored by Soumini Sridhara Paul

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