The Beginning – Faiz Khan

The Beginning

As a follow up to ‘The Preacher’, his first full-length album, Gurgaon-based singer-songwriter Faiz Khan continues to take welcome, yet risky steps with his sensitive-guy-with-a-guitar sound on this EP titled ‘The Beginning’, opting for yet another personal collection of five songs based on his experiences, which Faiz admits in his bio, are about “personal journeys, hopes, dreams, fears, loves, and heartbreak”. Delightfully moving away from the sounds of mainstream with the usage of subtle and yet appropriate offerings of keyboards/guitar, such as on the instrumental “The Interlude”,  and without compromising on his vocals and the sounds of his acoustic guitar on ballads, such as the title track and on the pain-filled “Drink Myself Away”, the musical tempo-changes of the electro-pop sounding “Tonight” with its brief guitar break, and keyboards doubling as strings/horns on the guitar chugging “Change”, which is my favourite track and, in turn, helps change the soul of ‘The Beginning’ into pop.

No doubt, while listening to ‘The Beginning’, you are almost bound to compare Faiz’s vocals with Bryan Adams, but the comparison is as misleading as it is inevitable. As Faiz’s soft, guitar-based music – while being inventively augmented with keyboards on this EP – ‘The Beginning’ is undeniably an auspicious and highly listenable album: atmospheric, seductive, and beautifully produced and sequenced. Looking forward to your next effort, Faiz!


– Reviewed by Parag Kamani

Tack Available On Artist Aloud:
Also available on Hungama, Wynk, iTunes, Jio and other WAP Portals.

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