Aseem Mohabbat – Sam Christy Varghese


Kochi-based Sam Christy Varghese is an event organizer, traveler, writer, and a music director and, whenever he is not too busy with his professional life, Sam also finds time to promote “Love, Hope, Faith, Peace, and Joy”. One way for him to express his emotions is composing songs, and that is precisely what Sam has undertaken on his album titled “Aseem Mohabbat”, which contains 12 tracks recorded through the years.

On the musical front, the songs have an underlying rock feel, and Sam provides varied vocalists an opportunity of showcasing their respective singing talents. Sam throws a few pleasant musical surprises too as he shifts to a prayer on “Mai Dil Se Chahta Tujhe”, a bit of funk on “Meri Zindagi Ka Taj”, and bluegrass on “Hallelujah Mere Bhaiya”, but my personal favourite is undoubtedly the rock solidness and harmony-filled “Yeshu Hi Prabhu Hai”.


– Reviewed by Parag Kamani

Tack Available On Artist Aloud:
Also available on Hungama, Wynk, iTunes, Jio and other WAP Portals.

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