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Asli Maal – Emcee Hasnain

Asli Maal

When you have seven hip-hoppers combine on a single track, it looks like a case of too many cooks… But on “Asli Maal”, initiated by Mumbai-based Emcee Hasnain, the multi-lingual hip-hop track with music composed by DRJ Sohail and featuring seven artists is a pleasant surprise. Straddling that line between rap and electronica, the hip-hop featured here is accessible with the emphasis placed more on the perfect beat rather than the perfect rhyme, and it works!


– Reviewed by Parag Kamani

Ningu Kumtsu – Alobo Naga


From Nagaland arrives Alobo Naga, who goes for a cover with “Ningu Kümtsü”, originally performed by Rocky & Group. The song talks about how everyone is born to eventually pass away, with earthly possessions unable to bring salvation to souls. Sung in the local dialect of Sumi Naga, this acoustic track is simple, as it should be, and is a heartfelt tribute.


– Reviewed by Parag Kamani

Maye Meriye – Manav Shaunki


College music professor-cum-singer Manav Shaunki focuses on a Punjabi bhajan this time around. “Maye Meriye” is devoted to Durga Mata, with lyrics written by the singer himself, with the sparse music composed and provided by Fame Rock Studioz. Sung by Manav with a Sufi vocal feel, the monotony of the arrangements begin to drag across the 5 minutes, 40 seconds, even though this is apparently a devotional song.


– Reviewed by Parag Kamani