‘Maa’ will move you!

Having Shankar Mahadevan perform on the Nokia Smartnights WebCert Powered by ArtistAloud.com was a sure sign that we have arrived. For Shankar Mahadevan it was his first ever digital concert; for us it was the first ever presentation of him on our platform. As an artist, I have always known Shankar to be different. Right from the days he debuted into the public eye with his unique and innovative track, Breathless followed by so many film hits, he is one of the few performers who can enthrall an audience with just his voice. He doesn’t need to do anything else.

Watching him perform live at the WebCert was a treat not just to the digital audience but also the crew that was putting the entire experience together. The tweets we were receiving during the concert was a complete indication that we have managed to pioneer a new form of entertainment. I have been often asked that will the WebCert have the same novelty value as watching an artist perform live in front of a physical audience?

The answer to that is, “What we have created here is an optional source of entertainment because today the consumer wants to be entertained on the move.” By partnering with Nokia, we were able to take this experience on the Web as well as Mobile.

Out of all the performances, one song that really moved us all was “Maa” from Taare Zameen Par. Shankar’s vocals and Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics evokes such emotional feelings that it is tough to contain oneself. We feel proud to be able to bring the experience of Shankar’s beautiful.

But what makes the effort of putting together the WebCert complete is to present new talents who have great music and are rearing to showcase their work. That is what we achieve by bringing in an opening act to each WebCert. Opening for Shankar was Nitish Pires who definitely showcases his talent in not only his vocals but also as a guitarist. You have to check out his song, “Hue Deewane”.

This Is It – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – the man, the music, the enigma. Is there any one who knew him at all? Did his music speak about him? Did he have a premonition when he called his last gig, This Is It? There are so many speculations to what happened to Michael Jackson and about his death. Some say it was murder, some say it was suicide. Why do we always need to have an answer for everything?

Well, maybe not for everything. But when it comes to Michael Jackson, I surely wanted to know why did he have to go? As an artist there was no one who wasn’t his fan. Even in our own country, some of the biggest celebrities have been influenced by him and his music.

Sonu Nigam is one such celebrity who has come forward to show his fanaticism for the King Of Pop. And when he sings his song saying, “Michael, we love you”, he is actually speaking for all of us. Why did Sonu have to do this song, one may wonder. But I for one feel, why not? Is one artist’s adulation for another not allowed? And from the years that I have known Sonu, I believe that he is a man who has always been ready to express his feelings through his music. This is the best dedication I have heard and we feel proud to have been instrumental in making the song available to you through our platform.


– Soumini Sridhara Paul, General Manager, ArtistAloud.com

A new beginning!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the official ArtistAloud.com blog . What is ArtistAloud.com? We are here to help the music created by Independent artists reach out to a wider audience.

When we started operations in 2009, the numbers were humble but we were optimistic. Today, our teams are busier than ever. Right from conceptualization of WebCerts Season 2 to the launch of a song which will pay tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson. Phew! It’s a busy, busy month. Hey, we are not complaining. After all, it feels good to be instrumental in bringing great music to people out there. That’s what ArtistAloud.com was meant to be after all.

And there couldn’t be a better day to start our own Blog where you will be updated about  *all that happens at ArtistAloud.com*. Today is the 20th anniversary of PARIKRAMA, one of the finest bands in the country and possibly one of the oldest. Each time ArtistAloud.com has collaborated with Parikrama the response has been overwhelming. And you guys have proved it again and again how loved they are.

What can one possibly say about Parikrama that hasn’t been heard or told before? The fact that they are celebrating 20 years itself is a feat especially when we are in an era where bands don’t last more than a year together. So what makes Parikrama worth talking about besides their anniversary? It’s their attitude towards the business, their music and more importantly, their popularity. Those of you who know Subir Malik, manager and keyboardist, must know that he is the glue that keeps everyone together. We have had the opportunity of showcasing the band and their music via our platform and the amazing aspect is the response we receive from their fans every time we have them on board.

I still remember when back in 2000, I approached Parikrama to be a part of the show on Channel [v] that I was working on with the now MD of Endemol, Deepak Dhar. The band was to collaborate with Usha Uthup and create a song. They were already big then  but they were not at all unapproachable. In fact I did not even know Subir that well then. I had only approached them at a professional level. But now 11 years later, I can only say that if you ever need to have a friend in the industry, Subir is your man.

Looking forward to celebrating their Silver and Golden jubilee together as Parikrama.

Here’s a video from ArtistAloud.com WebCert Season 1 which featured Parikrama.

– Soumini Sridhara Paul, General Manager, ArtistAloud.com.