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Aais Pais Dhappa – Ameya


Formed in May 2004, Ameya is a duo consisting of Abhishek [vocals, lyricist] and AK Bashar [keyboards, programming]. Although Ameya’s bio speaks of their music styles also incorporating Indian classical and electronica, “Aais Pais Dhappa” is actually perceived rock wallowing in dinosaur sounds and styles. The end result is a fist-punching yelp of energy that demands to be heard at maximum volume, with a brusque punch in back musician, Raghav’s drums and worthy bass from Gaurav Bisht as part of the rhythm section, matching the power-chord action from Kabir and Shubhanshu. Even though the tempo takes a momentary tumble mid-way, “Aais Pais Dhappa” is an enjoyable pleasure.

Listen and Download the songs here:

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.