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The Preacher | Faiz Khan

On his first full-length album, ‘The Preacher’, singer-songwriter Faiz Khan takes a risky step with his sensitive-guy-with-a-guitar sound, opting largely for a thoughtful collection of six songs that tug at heartstrings with polished pop sheen. Although a conscious decision, as the confidently self-aware Faiz says in his bio about writing from “personal journeys, hopes, dreams, fears, loves and heartbreak”, recruiting music producers Kabir Singh and Viraj Mohan on production, assist Faiz from delightfully moving away from mainstream with the usage of subtle and yet appropriate offering of keyboards/guitar without compromising on Faiz’s vocals and the sounds of his acoustic guitar. Indeed, at most points, Faiz’s confident singing creates a trademark of sorts, turning songs like the sing-along of “Wait It Out”, the fitting, distorted guitar in “Blue Shades”, the harmonies of the title-track, the funkiness of “All Night”, the electro-pop sounding “Back To Basics”, and keyboards doubling as strings/horns on “Replaceable”, turn the soul of ‘The Preacher’ into pop. ‘The Preacher’ is a brave bid for contemporary relevance in 2017, a wonderful initiative by the singer-songwriter in stepping outside any middle-of-the-road genre and making his effort more memorable and more exciting than the reams of output of indie content this year, for which Faiz Khan and his music directors need to be lauded.

– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

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Tell Me Now – Sunil Bhatia


Songwriter and singer Sunil Bhatia has been interested in dramatics and in music, and “Tell Me Now”, a slow tempo track, is just one example of his musical talent. It is a song that evokes strong emotion without relying on typical pop ballad techniques, containing a lyric that evokes a moody sadness without ever becoming maudlin or heavy handed. The same can be said about the song’s melody, which uses minor key shadings to create a pensive feel, but employs several melodic twists to avoid a clichéd “depressing ballad” feel.  The arrangement of “Tell Me Now” highlights Sunil’s tender lead vocal against a hushed backdrop of acoustic and lead guitar. This production nicely mirrors the intimacy of the lyric and brings the selection a wistful quality to life in a vivid fashion.

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI