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Chaka – Shawjeeb


The Toronto-to-Dhaka artiste who simply goes by the name of Shawjeeb has, in reality, Tanveer Alam as a prefix, just like “Chaka” is prefixed by guitar and bass prior to the entry of his vocals. The music is appealingly positive where you actually come away feeling uplifted. In fact, on “Chaka”, it is the sound of Shawjeeb’s distinctive voice coupled with the unusual tuning of his guitar, rather than the specific lyrical content provided by Indraneel Chattopaddhyaya, that pulls the listener in. “Chaka” convincingly establishes Shawjeeb as a talented singer and interpreter, making songs his own with his gritty soul-folk voice and urgent guitar strums, which also conveys the strength of his repertoire.


Listen and Download the songs here :

– Review by PARAG KAMANI


Ami Ashbo Bole: Azizul Abedin




Azizul Abedin is a Bangladeshi singer, lyricist, and music composer, who has studied in Liverpool, the birth place of ‘The Beatles’. Although his compositions may be in Bengali – singing paeans of love, emotion, and sentiments – Azizul’s musical influences include a pre-Beatles era if you listen to ‘Ami Ashbo Bole’ carefully. It almost heralds the vintage sounds of using an echo chamber to layer voices, instruments, and drums. Azizul’s solo, deep voice combined with an Everly Brothers’–style harmony from the female backing vocalists, and the soothing melody creates a sweet blend of lyric and sound effect to texturize the Bengali pop tune. Enjoyable stuff!

Listen and Download Azizul Abedin’s soothing tracks here:  

 – Review by PARAG KAMANI