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Durge Maata – Hema Sardesai


Following her last project, “Bappa Morya”, Mumbai-born, Goan-based Hema Sardesai indulges in more devotional content with “Durge Maata”. Even though the playback singer whose exceptional vocals on AR Rahman’s “Awaara Bhavaren”, from 1997’s ‘Sapnay’, catapulted her into Bollywood stardom, versatility remains her forte as she now adds more devotional content to the ever increasing list of genres that she excels in: Indipop, Indian classical, Western pop, folk, and fusion. With an intent of providing spirituality to youth through music, Hema continues her journey of utilising electronica to support devotional material, as on “Durge Maata” this time around, which has been also been written and produced by her. Devotional goes dancing again!

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Bappa Morya – Hema Sardesai


One of the country’s more talented but often underrated vocalists is the Mumbai-born, Goan-based Hema Sardesai who has come a long way since her stage debut as an eight-year-old at a Navratri Festival and, thereafter, has indulged in a playback singing career that commenced in 1989. Of course, she achieved a zenith of sorts with her exceptional vocals on AR Rahman’s “Awaara Bhavaren” from the 1997 film soundtrack ‘Sapnay’, but Hema’s forte is versatility as she has also dabbled in the genres of Indipop, Indian classical, Western pop, folk, and fusion. Add devotional to the list as, on “Bappa Morya”, the singer-cum-music director takes a traditional song into the devotional space with a twist, going through the influences of electronica with a synthesised voice. Perhaps only Hema could have pulled this off as the music, although certainly not for faint-hearted traditionalists, is beautifully produced and executed marvellously.

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Gajananam – Kavita Seth


Bareilly-born Kavita Seth has built a remarkable reputation as a vocalist, much to do with her having completed formal academics in music along with receiving tutelage in Hindustani classical music under the auspices of N.D. Sharma of the Gwalior Gharana, Vinod from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, and from Iqbal Ahmad Khan, enabling Kavita to sing across genres ranging from her speciality, Sufi, to geet, ghazal, and folk songs. On “Gajananam”, Kavita focus on devotional, as the song pays tribute to Lord Ganesha, released in time for the ongoing Ganpati festive season. As the producer and musical director of the track too, Kavita goes in for a soft, simple, and understated arrangement of the traditional song which supports her consummate vocals. Score yet another winner for Kavita!

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.

Gajanana Ganapati Gauri Ke Nandana – Archita Bhattacharya


Based in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, singer Archita Bhattacharya has undertaken post-graduation in Hindustani Classical vocals from the Indira Kala Sangeet University, Khairagarh, trained her voice in Kolkata, and has further supported it by also having learnt semi-classical and light classical music. In celebrating the festivities of the recent past, and in dedication to Lord Ganesh through music and, of course, through her voice, “Gajanana Ganapati Gauri Ke Nandana” – which I am given to understand is translated as “Worship the Lord of Lords, Lord Shri Ganesha, Lord of Demi-Gods and beloved of Gauri” – is set forth with that in mind and is presented here with minimal instrumentation, resulting in the track being very accessible and captivating. It also helps in recognizing the power of this music as Archita’s voice soars upwards and is then grounded as required to take you to an effective and auspicious devotional ride.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI

Aasai Mugam Marandhu Poche – Parasu Kalyan


Chennai-born Parasu Kalyan began singing at seven due to his family’s passion for music, eventually singing playback for Tamil films, but he really made an international mark for himself once he relocated to Singapore. With “Asai Mugam Marandhu Poche”, Parasu has taken the traditional composition and updated it to make it sound contemporary. Though there are sufficient, precise vocals from Parasu, the instrumentation/arrangements of “Aasai Mugam” earns points for an array of exploratory keyboard/percussion pieces.  The track bounces back and forth between melodic bop and a hypnotic sequencer that should make Parasu’s forthcoming album, ‘Bhakthi Alai’, something to look forward to.

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– Review by PARAG KAMANI