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Saath – Franky Vij [featuring Momo Gangte]


Franky Vij was born in ‘90s in New Delhi, and appears to have got his rock roots right. Soft-rock is his forte on “Saath” and, while it betrays overt influences on this mellow track, it nevertheless triumphs due to a competent debut production, Franky’s enthusiasm, and the overall flavour of enjoyable pop music. For those who appreciate potential talent [the marvellous guitaring prior to the song’s end is another revelation], “Saath” spells success.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI.


Mera Yaar Tu – Pranit Gedham featuring Kailash Kher


With vocals from the highly respected Kailash Kher, Pranit Gedham ensures that “Mera Yaar Tu” becomes a powerhouse of a song that is both haunting and appealing with an upbeat rhythm and Sufi vocals.  The ethno-uptempo fusion does provide a different perspective on how musicians have drawn on multiple-genre sources to create new sounds. On this outing, the artistes craft an appealing world beat partly due to Kailash’s nimble vocals and the mood-evoking unison choruses with steady percussion. Keyboards add textural patterns to many of the modulating pieces stitched together while intermittent guitar helps the song embark on pleasant passages. A nice effort that ages well, like wine, upon repeated listening.


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– Review by PARAG KAMANI